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Nowadays, Huawei and Samsung have launched their own foldable phones - Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold. 

                                                                        (Huawei Mate X)

                                                                 (Samsung Galaxy Fold)

With an 8 inch and 7.3 inch large screen respectively, Huawei and Samsung have greatly attracted the attention of mobile phone lovers.

Here is the comparison with these two foldable phones.

In order to keep up with the trend, Apple also announce that they are planning to create their own foldable phone – iPhone X Fold. 

According to Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing, iPhone X Fold is an inner foldable phone with a 1:3 aspect ratio outer display and a 2:3 aspect ratio inner display.  

Once the screen is folded, half of the monitor can be turned into a touchscreen keyboard.

The phone can be used as a mini-notebook. 

Throughout these three foldable phones, it is worth noting that they have a big thing in common, which is using OLED as the material of their screens.

But what is OLED?


OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, it’s a material which can be used to create digital display on devices such as mobile phone screens. 

                                                              (photo credit to: OLDE-info)

According to DSCCDisplay Supply Chain Consultants, OLED has been widely used in the mobile industry since 2016. It seems that OLED has gradually taken the place of LCD in the smartphone market. But what’s the difference between OLED and LCD?

It seems that the advantages of OLED far overweight LCD’s. No wonder why it becomes the favorite of mobile industry.


After watching about these foldable OLED phones, which one do you prefer? Huawei Mate X, Samsung Galaxy Fold, or the coming iPhone X Fold?

Common iPhone Problems

1. Crash or black screen suddenly


For iPhone X: Press the power button and volume ‘-’button for 10 seconds simultaneously, then restart the phone.

For other iPhones: Press the home button and power button for 10 seconds simultaneously, then restart the phone.

2. Why pop-ups ‘Does not Support this Accessory’ when iPhone is charging?

Solutions: 1) Force restart;  2)Use the primary USB charging cable.

3. Why 30% of battery sometimes drops to 20% suddenly and even suddenly out off power?


1) Electric leakage of motherboard and power declines cause repeated charging in a day, which indicates that motherboard needs maintenance.

2) Battery damage (in most situation), you need to change the battery.

4. Why the voice is low when you are answering a call by new iPhone?

Solution: You are so excited when get a new iPhone and forget to tear the protective film on voice receiver down, and the film blocks off voice receiver.

5. Why voice is low when you are answering a call?


1) Receiver damage (happens rarely), receiver needs to be changed.

2) Too much dust in the telephone receiver (more common), just brush the telephone receiver, no need to change.

6. Why iPhone is not charging, even it doesn’t have flash icon?


1) Charging port damage (happens rarely), change the charge connector.

2) Charging adapter or cable damage, change your adapter or cable.

3) Other objects block in the charging port (more common), just clean it by cards or other items.

1. Unable to charge for iPhone (the most common problem)

2. The other party can not hear you during a phone call, there are 2 microphones in charging port dock connector flex cable

3. None or poor GSM signal, there is a GSM antenna in charging port dock connector flex cable

4. Vibrator can not work normally, vibrator is connected to motherboard with charging port dock connector flex cable

5. Loudspeaker can not work normally, loudspeaker is connected to motherboard with charging port dock connector flex cable, too.

1、The battery life is less than one day when the phone is in normal use.

2、The Battery is out of service

3、The battery doesn't charge

4、The phone with water damage 

1. uniform heating requtest by heat Air Gun before disassemble screen

2. Please pay attention to the flex which adhere to motherboard, take it off carefully, don't break it

3. iPhone X OLED display screen (always essential and should be with high quality) 090300543A

4. iPhone X repair tool kit

5. iPhone X magnetic maintenance pad 231401146A

6. New plate frame sealed adhesive sticker (to prevent dust and moist) 090600951A

7. It will take 20 minutes average to repair it

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